"Don't Embrace The Crazy"

East Main Origin Story

In commemoration of the 20th anniversary of East Main Media, Brian Brodeur reflected on his career and company history with mentor/composer Bob Harris on the East Main Podcast
Founder / CEO

Brian Brodeur

Brian Brodeur’s life and career have been spent at the crossroads of entertainment and technology. He launched his career at the pivotal moment when media transitioned from analog to digital, which has provided him with extensive knowledge and deep respect for both worlds. Synthesizing his business instincts and artistic foundation, Brodeur has built a successful and award-winning production company that recently marked its 21st year in business.

Having worked with clients ranging from globally-recognized organizations, household name media icons and successful SMB entrepreneurs, Brodeur’s production and business philosophy is based on hard work and integrity fused with a forward-leaning vision of content creation and communication.